To support child abuse prevention efforts

Task Force Goals

To support best practices for the investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases

To promote public awareness about child abuse issues

To enhance interagency communication within the system

To provide relevant quarterly trainings for members and other professionals

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About US


In 1986, a group of professionals representing various segments of the justice system formed a task force to address the trauma that child victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse were suffering as a result of the policies and procedures within the system.

Representatives of law enforcement, social service agencies, the District Attorney’s office, the medical community, victim advocate groups, therapists, psychologists, concerned citizens, and business leaders have come together to work to reduce the trauma suffered by children and improve the services delivered to families.

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Every professional or community volunteer dedicated to keeping children safe is invited to join the Harris County Child Abuse Task Force. Members are invited to special seminars and trainings pertaining to child protection and abuse prevention at a discounted rate. Annual dues are $20.

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Extracurricular Activities?

Inappropriate Relationships Between School Personnel and Students

Guest Speakers:
Julie Chang
State Education and Social Services Reporter, Austin American Statesman

David Rodriguez
Director of Investigations Support, Texas Education Agency

Detectives Lucretia Rogers & Sonia Quintanilla
Houston Independent School District Police Department

Case Study Presentation
Harris County District Attorney’s Office